Vision and values

What we believe

We are a friendly, community church serving Ashmore Park and the Perry Hall and Castlebridge estates - the eastern part of the parish of Wednesfield. 

Passionate about God

We’re passionate about God - because God is passionate about people. 

We believe that if you read the Bible you’ll find it is the greatest love story ever written. In gripping narrative, beautiful poetry, life stories, personal letters, and dramatic visions it tells how God sought to win back the hearts of mankind, eventually sending his own son, Jesus, to lay down his life for us. 

But it’s not just a story - it really happened. The Bible ties in with all that history and archaeology can tell us about the times and places it refers to. It is consistent with all that science tells us about how the world works. It truly is the real story of our world.

Passionate about people 

And we’re passionate about people - because God is too. We have people of every age and from many different backgrounds. So you too can come exactly as you are - we’re not here to judge you but to welcome you. We’re not perfect ourselves - we’re just being changed from the inside out, as we discover quite how much God loves us.