Jack Weaver

I've been attending St Alban's church for nearly 5 years and within that time I've met some fantastic kind caring people. The church has helped me grow in confidence and come closer to the Lord Jesus.  I have loved every minute of being part of St Alban's Church.

I can't wait to see what our Father in heaven has in store for the coming few years.

Lord God I would like to thank each and everyone at St Alban's Church and I pray that the church's doors will be open to everyone who wants to learn more about you, and what you did for our sins.
Christ as a light, Christ as a shield, Christ beside me, on my left and on my right.  Amen 

Rachel Warner

St Albans is very special to me as I was baptised here in 2016.

I have always believed in God but never before have I ever felt as close until joining St Albans. Since being apart of the church I have really started my journey in following the Lord.

St Albans is so welcoming after being baptised my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful little boy and since then we have attended TLC Play group which is absolutely amazing, this is where I have met some lovely life long friends for me and my son.

St Albans offers so much for me and all the community (believers and non believers) joining this church was the best thing I’ve ever done as my church family mean so much to me. 

Thank you St Albans for being with me on my journey.  

Betty Weaver 

We worked hard selling bricks to build our church but we love St Alban's, we have seen some lovely people walk through Its doors and quite a few leave (not of their own accord). We have had some good times, social evenings, beetle drives, quiz nights and the ladies guild.

We have always been happy here at St Alban's, we have always helped each other and always been friends in our worship of our Lord.  Who could ask for a better place than our church St Alban's?

Barry Bishop

MY ROUTE TO ST.ALBANS (or “Yo don’t come from rand ‘ere, do yo?”)

I was born, lived and was educated in Brighton, on the South Coast.  My parents expressed a Christian belief and both my older step-brothers (from my Dad’s first marriage) had been encouraged to join the choir at Brighton Parish Church - St Peter’s - which was pretty much the size of a cathedral.  At the appropriate age, I also joined the choir (fortunately I could sing!) and this started me on my journey to Christ. I was trained under the auspices of the Royal School of Church Music, to which our church was affiliated and went on to become Head Chorister.  This was a great and fun time, particularly as St Peter’s typically would have 6-8 marriages every Saturday in the summer, for which we were paid and also had unlimited ice cream from Di Marco’s opposite between ceremonies!!   St Peter’s, due to its size, was also a firm favourite of the BBC and we featured on several Radio & TV services.  We were paid even more for this!

In due time, after my voice broke, I moved onto Scouts and a Grammar School education, and God probably did not figure in the life for quite some time.  However He did pop up from time to time, and when I met my first girlfriend her father was a Baptist Minister so (maybe reluctantly?) I was back at church on Sundays for a while.

After school, I worked for the Alliance Building Society at their H/O in Brighton and there I met my future wife Kathy. We had great times scootering (at the time of mods & rockers riots in Brighton!) ice skating & dancing, and then married and moved to Mid-Sussex.  We had 2 boys by the time I was 25 and, apart from Baptisms, Weddings etc, did not attend church. Kathy and I were both scout-leaders and frankly this & the boys took up most of our time outside work.

When my boys were around 10 & 12, they were invited to a Holiday Bible Club at Burgess Hill Baptist Church, and at the end of the week we were invited to a service.  The boys, being so enthusiastic, made us both realise something was missing and we soon gave our lives to the Lord.

A couple of years later, I was asked by my then employer to move to the Midlands to establish an office & manage a larger sales force.  My family were reluctant, but terms were simple; we must find a great church, a great school and an A.T.C. for my eldest as he wanted to join the RAF (at the time!).  After much searching we found all these in Malvern, adding to the list perhaps the most beautiful part of the country to live! Initially we worshipped at a Free Church (as the Baptist Church was sadly too old-fashioned and didn’t welcome children) then moved on to St Andrews – a charismatic and evangelical C of E with a great modern musical reputation.  I was soon singing again in a large music group with keyboard, drums, electric and acoustic guitars, flute and violin.  My walk with the Lord was all but perfect.

Sadly, 15 years later, at the age of 52, my wife Kathy died of cancer. My main-stay and support was the church. My faith was certainly rocked but prayer saw me thru’ the black days.

In 2002, I was ‘persuaded’ to attend Spring Harvest at Minehead, and whilst there I picked up a magazine which had details of a Christian dating agency. With some trepidation I ‘jumped in feet-first’ and found Mandy, who was then a churchwarden in Short Heath. To cut a long story short - we met, got on fantastically, and married in St Andrew's in 2003.  Because of Mandy having a 12yr-old at the time, I (reluctantly) agreed to move to Walsall.  The one proviso was that we retained a base in Malvern so after selling up we bought a house here on Coppice Farm and a flat in Malvern.  For the next 12 years we spent weekdays working here and weekends in Malvern, so could continue to worship at St Andrew's.  Ultimately though, this ‘peripatetic’ life became too difficult to sustain; I had to give up my beloved music group because I could not guarantee to be there for practices Friday night and we felt the Lord was leading us elsewhere.

We had attended St.Alban's a few times whilst having our ‘dual-life’ and always felt comfortable there.  I could not face going back to a more ‘traditional’ Anglican church and found St.Alban's to have just the right mixture of old and new (even the people!!) and always felt very welcome, so in 2015 we sold up in Malvern and took that ‘leap of faith’ to immerse ourselves fully into the St.Alban's family.  The Lord has been good to us and sustained us both through difficult times, particularly with Mandy’s health issues, and the prayers and support from our church family have been fantastic.

Finally, why the bracketed heading for this piece.  During my first few years in this area, people – hearing my Southern accent- seemed to forever be asking why I would give up an area like Malvern to move to the Black Country.  My answer then, as now, is simple; The love of a good woman, the love of God and of His people.