New Wine exist's to equip local churches through training, events and resources - the main event being the summer conferences - and to establish a network of churches across all denominations, founded on the same values of worship, teaching and ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.
The leadership of St Alban’s are part of the New Wine Network and opportunities take place throughout the year to attend various training events run by New Wine. As a church we attend the New Wine Summer Conference for a week each year at Shepton Mallett, Somerset.   New wine is an organisa­tion which seeks to “see the nation changed through Chris­tians and churches being filled with the Spirit, alive with the joy of knowing and worshipping Jesus Christ, living out his Word, and doing the works of the Kingdom of God.”
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I have just returned home this week from this year's conference, ( my first time ) and was amazed by the
power of God's Holy Spirit, and the experiences that
you can have at this event. From baby's to 80 year
old's  there is, literally, something for everyone.

Brilliant worship, brilliant teaching, brilliant
friendship's, brilliant food, fantastic people,...... .....FANTASTIC  GOD.."

C. Taylor  Summer 2009
P.S.  There are some pictures on the Church Life page

    East of England showground, Peterborough
    1st week    -   27th July to 2nd August 2019
    2nd week   -   4th August to 10th August  2019

Could only make one day this year at new wine, but
WOW what a day!  Definately going to book the week
next year and take as many people as I can. What a
fantastic place to worship the Lord and be filled with
the Holy Spirit to enable you to do God's work, where-ever
you are in the World."
Summer 2011
Had a great week at new wine, Spirit led teaching and totally awesome worship."
Definately deeper this year..Inspiring talks, great teaching, the most amazing healing's and as always fantastic worship with Martin Smith in the main arena. Life changing experience..thank you loving God."
An absolute must, for anyone wanting to explore more in there walk with God, or just needing great worship and teaching. If you believe in God this is a place you can feel uplifted, safe, enlightened, comforted and loved, as a person, in Gods kingdom.
     .HE IS ALIVE..........ALLELHUIA...."
It just get's better every year! I was absolutely blown over ( in God's spirit of course ) with the teaching and God working through the speakers, worship bands and everyone who was there this year. If you want to see what life is really like in God's kingdom, then come and be filled with His love and be amongst the thousands of people set free by our God's holy grace.