I would like to share my experience of the Alpha course as being informative, enlightening, sociable and making you hungry for more.
  Praise the Lord"......  

The Alpha Course

Alpha is a ten week course designed for those who want to find out more about Jesus, the church and the bible. There is a short teaching session followed by a discussion group where you are encouraged to ask questions such as:- Who was Jesus?  Is the bible true?  Does God really exist?  Do miracles still happen today?

Alpha at St. Alban’s
Do you like tasty food and good company?
Would you like to discuss life and faith openly and honestly
without feeling judged?
Are you interested in things like whether prayer works, who Jesus is, whether God guides us, if the Bible is relevant and how we can have faith?
If the answer is yes, then try Alpha and see if you like it.

What to expect?
- A warm welcome
- Good food and drink
- An interesting talk on an aspect of Christian faith
- Open discussion where you can be honest about your opinions and questions.
- Good fun

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Over 2 million people in the UK and 18 million worldwide have now attended an Alpha course, an opportunity to explore the meaning of life, running in tens of thousands of churches of all denominations across the world.
Alpha is a timeless course bringing information and inspiration about Jesus in a new and exciting way".....Geraldene
A fantastic and enjoyable night….can’t wait for the next one.” ................S. Wood

Nicky Gumbel

AWESOME night at the ALPHA COURSE, i look forward to next weeks session. so so awesome and great fellowship too. GOD bless you all."
                             Julie 2012

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