A little about us
We are a small but growing congregation of men, women and children of all ages. We are committed to helping each other grow in our Christian faith and in our worship and service of God.

We believe that all people need Jesus and as a church we have found that faith in Him makes a difference in our everyday lives.

Our Vision....                                    

           "is for every church member to be growing into the maturity and likeness of Jesus Christ, and to reach those people who donít yet know Jesus Christ.Ē          

Our Core Values...

Local Church Life
that is welcoming, relational, accessible for all generations, and builds family and community life.

Inspiring Worship that is passionate, intimate, culturally appropriate and facilitates encounters with God

Anointed Leadership that is visionary, courageous, humble, consistent, full in faith, and releases Church members into their God given ministries.
Spirit Empowered Mission that is evangelistic, holistic, kingdom centred and concerned with justice and care for the poor, and encourages new church Fresh Expression initiatives.

Orthodox Theology with doctrine and ethics founded on the person, teaching and work of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.

Bible-based Teaching and training that is thoughtful, relevant, and equips for everyday life and ministry.

Personal Discipleship that is based on living like Jesus, exemplifying love, prayerfulness, holiness, integrity, accountability, humility and generosity.

Every-member Ministry that discerns each personís calling and expresses Godís love through the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.

A Pastoral Heart, where every member is caring and supportive towards each other and the local and wider community.
St Albans Church is a part of the new wine Network and also share there vision and values.

Team vicar:  Rev. Tom Fish

Our vicar, Revd Tom Fish, who with his wife Helen recently joined us from Brickworks Church, Lye, leads the church in partnership with a lay leadership team and the District Church Council.
As part of the Wednesfield Team Ministry, he works closely with the Team Rector, Revd Nick Watson, who is based at St Thomasís church in Wednesfield town centre