I would just like to say that Sunday the 17th May was one of the greatest, and dare I say it, proudest days of my life. I was confirmed in my faith by the Bishop of Wolverhampton together with thirty nine other Christians from other Churches. Sixteen of these from my own Church 'St Albans C of E Church'. Words cannot describe the power of the Holy Spirit that was all around us. The faith I now have is something that I never knew existed or imagined and is all due to the Holy Spirit working strongly in our Church 'St Albans'. We are blessed in deed by all the people of our Church in their hard work and praise and love of God. "

Carl Taylor
For over 10 years my life had been dedicated to New Age Spirituality. Every book/angel cards/runes/crystals available I had, so you can imagine that I had built up quite a large collection!!
As a small child I always felt that there “was something more to life”, and felt a strange emptiness that I tried to fill with visiting Clairvoyants and Spiritual shops/Churches. I had so many questions and felt a very strong urge to know everything about the supernatural. I was hooked and would constantly speak to my Angels for advice/guidance and do angel card readings. Doing this felt like second nature to me, until I started to have my own doubts and question everything I had spent so long learning. My heart didn’t feel right about the answers I was getting and from this point the emptiness I felt inside seemed to grow.
Last September I attended the Alpha Course, which was a fantastic opportunity to ask all the questions I’d had for such a long time. The answers and feelings I got really hit home and it didn’t take me long to realize that the path I had been following was so far from the truth it actually scared me, but despite this I couldn’t bring myself to throw away my huge collection. I soon discovered that New-Age had formed a stronghold in my life. After prayer, going through the Steps to Freedom in Christ with Paul & Lois and much help and encouragement from my family and friends I finally plucked up the courage to get this “stuff” burnt. After which I felt as though a huge burden had been lifted from me.

At the Christmas 2008 Carol Service I made my commitment to become a Christian, shortly followed by my Confirmation in May 2009. I would like to thank my family and all at St.Albans Church for their kindness and encouragement - I have never looked back! I am now free from the lie’s of New-Age and enjoying walking the right path with our Lord Jesus Christ."


October 19th 2008, became a very significant day in my life.
It was during my grandsons baptism that I realized there was something
missing in my life.
For his talk, Paul made a cake using all the wrong ingredients. I realized
then that my life was a mess and I had to find those right ingredients to
make it better.
I approached Paul and told him a little of my life. I was in my second year remission for Cancer, a divorced mother of three and a victim of domestic violence. He invited me to join them on a Sunday evening at the Prayer and Healing service.
A few weeks later I made my way to the church. I was made welcome and instantly felt a warmth I had never felt before.
I went up for healing not knowing what to expect. A warmth surged through my body, and when I opened my eyes I felt I was seeing life anew.
I continued to attend and in November, I gave my life to the Lord.
On the 17th May 2009, at a wonderful service, I was confirmed in my faith
I now await my renewal of baptism promises in the Autumn.
Everytime I enter St Albans, I feel like I have come home. The warnth I recieve from Paul Lois and their family, and the family I now have at St Albans makes me feel that I belong, and I want to thank them for showing me, my walk with the Lord, my Father." 
God is really BLESSING St Albans Church.
Each week we hear of, or witness that someone is
healed, Praise God.  We have great teaching by great
people, who are sent, by God, to St Albans Church.
The Bible is alive through the faith of Gods people and
God's Word.
  Through Father God, Jesus the son and by the power
of the Holy Spirit, regular people living regular lives are
being filled with the Holy Spirit.                                           Thank you Sovereign Lord of all  AMEN."
It as been a while since my first testimony on this page,
but I need to say that the Holy Spirit is still with us, and
working deeper in the lives of the  people at St Alban's Church. Our previous vicar as been called to a new
mission somewhere else and we pray for the Holy Spirit
to fill that place, has it as here at St Alban's. We were in
an interegnum with no reverend or clergy, but were blessed with wonderful people that came together in love
to carry the Church forward into an unknown future.
Words fail me to explain the hard work and devotion that
people have shown to help St Alban's 'carry on'.
The greatest blessing and calling was that, in less than
six months a person looking for a posting to a Church in another part of the country, was called by the Holy Spirit to our Church, and was called to carry us forward on our
journey with God. Through the Grace of God and His love
for all of us, and our love for the Lord and each other, we
still feel the Holy Spirit working in our Church and are
even more excited about our walk, and life, with God.
Thank You wonderful Saviour and Lord of all..Jesus Christ.

Carl    2011